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Semantic MediaWiki (.org) (SMW) is a free, open-source extension to MediaWiki that lets you store & query semantic data within the wiki and it seems well suited to Consumerium's information infrastructure needs.

Spinoff extensions[edit]

A variety of open-source MediaWiki extensions exist that use the data structure provided by Semantic MediaWiki.

Among the most notable are of the Semantic MediaWiki extensions:

  • Semantic Forms - enables user-created forms for adding and editing pages that use semantic data
  • Semantic Result Formats - provides a large number of display formats for semantic data, including charts, graphs, calendars and mathematical functions
  • Semantic Drilldown - provides a w:faceted browser interface for viewing the semantic data in a wiki
  • Semantic Maps - displays geographic semantic data using various mapping services

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A form to edit a page, using the Semantic Forms extension