Language vs. Area

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    Forewords[edit | edit source]

    I started this page for us to think aloud about how to arrange the production wiki or production wikis as opposed to this being the Development Wiki. This is one of the biggest problems along with licensing and software decisions that is stopping us from entering a pilot phase

    This page is assuming a one wiki model for simplicity's sake (No distinct Signal Wiki/Research Wiki or Content Wiki/Opinion Wiki or Research Wiki/Publish Wiki distinction.) How many wikis? is a problem too that has to be solved. The most appropriate forum for figuring this out is to get some clear idea of Consumerium Process

    We must focus on how information is divided and how it is integrated. This is crucial to building a functioning Transparent Consumerium.

    Area as primary divider, language as second[edit | edit source]

    We could have

    Or we could have wikis arranged according to trade blocs:

    Language as primary divider, area as second[edit | edit source]

    Or we could have language as the "primary key" and the are as a subordinate of that, but this approach would make the wikis too scattered. surely the needs of a portugese and a brasilian user are different

    Micro level[edit | edit source]

    Retail product catalogues will have to fit somewhere in this scheme. If it is assumed that there are no friendly retail-operators then product catalogues will have to be wiki based, so that ordinary consumers can contribute into building the catalogues for each store.

    Many retail chains seem to have fairly uniform product offerings from one store to another, depending mostly on the store class:

    Logistics is a field where there is lots of improvement for enhancing the availability of local food. Now it is commonplace to have huge logistic centers where the stuff is transported first from the producer and then to the store