Extraction and disposal

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Extraction and disposal are how resources are handled or wasted, or how waste as a resource is treated, and how resource as waste is mismanaged. One cannot look at these two issues separately under ISO 14000.

"Economy is only three-fifths of ecology" - Mike Nickerson.

Ecology is itself concerned with the way waste from one species creates resources for another. But we see this only from a limited human point of view. From the more expansive, underground, rooted, troll point of view, there is a sixth concern, that of continuous doubt that ecology has it right.

The styles of capital, all six of them, are related to extraction and disposal as follows:

A perfect statement of the above would be instructional capital that would let even trolls, ascendant, run Consumerium alone with no CGO at all. This would be like Earth running itself with no "help" from humans.

It is all a matter of seeing extraction and disposal as the same natural process, and thinking like a troll: living under the bridge only on garbage thrown down by human wastrels. Maybe barking at them nastily if they throw down nuclear waste or something else inedible even to fairly tough trolls.