Human capital

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    Human capital or human resources refers to the people involved in making some project happen, or available to some organization in case they are required. In macro-economics, the term means "a human being treated as financial capital," period. That human's salary is treated the same as the yield of a financial capital instrument like a bond, to calculate the value of the humans within the economy.

    In micro-economics, the term doesn't mean much except labour, or in the more advanced human development theory leisure or free time balanced against labour. The idea of individual capital tries to separate the real creativity and contribution and talent and risk that lives and dies with one's real live body and is drastically affected by human health, from the instructional capital and social capital that surround them in society.

    Consumerium Governance Organization should probably use the more specific styles of capital analysis wherever possible to keep track of its assets - we don't anticipate that we can treat people the same way a corporation or union does, as interchangeable parts. Probably we will need some creative networks and factions to form to reflect social networks with some found trust we need, and with whom we have common interests.

    See w:human capital for a more detailed and economics-driven overview.