Consumerium buying signal

A Consumerium buying signal travels over the healthy buying infrastructure to the front end user of Consumerium Services.

This could be actually experienced by the user in a great many ways. The Signal Wiki should have no bias as to how the signal is delivered. That's the main reason the language IS so abstract right now, actually.

  • We could distribute data on what's in the store in book or leaflet form, even customized book form. You could for instance slide a frequent buyer card into a slot, and get a printed book with price premium information customized to you, or generic information like scores for at least some subset of highlighted products.
This requires friendly retail although it might only be minimally friendly, i.e. having released price data for intershop comparison, bragging about its low prices, it's possible to calculate scores for every product.
Coupons might tie in well to this kind of system.
These would be expected to enable intrashop comparison of two products that the user is just about to buy, and it would be possible to get feedback on what you did buy, perhaps, if the checkout counter cooperates in the system.

As a healthy signal, it should be sent only over a healthy signal infrastructure. These might be standard TCP/IP networks, Bluetooth or radio. If it can be an audio signal, that's good.

The exact means of delivery probably depends on the way the system is made self-funding, what marketing tie-ins are possible, etc.. This is a task of the Consumerium Governance Organization and probably affects the Consumerium License.