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    Intershop comparison, for price comparison is not an anticipated as a feature of Consumerium Services. Because it is primarily a means of exploiting price arbitrage, it distracts from the main mission, but could be provided by another service that operates on the same healthy buying infrastructure.

    Unless it is specifically prohibited by the Consumerium License, this will always be possible, and it might inhibit friendly retail cooperation. For these, no explicit price data will be allowed to leave any friendly retail location, though if there are general trends in pricing ie. "Bread is cheap in Company Y" then that might get included into some of the Wikis.

    Intershop navigation wherein you are instructed to the closest retail location offering the products you require might be implemented, but it is not of a high priority.

    The internet is full of such price comparison services, so the Consumerium Governance Organization won't be implementing them. It might have to set some rules for access to price data and reflect that in the Consumerium License - for instance, retailers could agree to make such data available for aggregation provided that security measures are taken to guard the data from popping up in the wrong places

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