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This is my proposition for a better name for the project (takes effect if ppl support it and I get my next salary so I can purchase the domain)


+ It's easier to type and remember
+ It's easier to pronounce
+ It's phonetic association in English is good
+ it's a shorthand for "Consum***** Information Unified Model" (choose any word starting with C if you like)
--Juxo 13:38 Apr 14, 2003 (EEST)


+ pronounced "Key 'em" suggests certification and geospatial reference (as in map key), "See 'em" suggests transparency and accountability
+ "insiders Key 'em so outsiders can See 'em" - memorable logo


- name itself is not as memorable as Consumerium. Keep both? Cium as the service, run by Consumerium Foundation?
- "Consumerium" stoody nicely for "Consumer Consortium" - a union of consumers with common standards.