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    Wikiism is a wiki ideology that claims that the wiki is not just a technical tool, but is connected to some intrinsic ideology. This is based on the vague idea of "openness for everybody", often connected with some predefined and preexisting ideological background.

    Naive Wikiism believes that the own worldview will merge seemlessly with wiki power to form a global community that shares the same worldview while the mechanisms of propaganda and constructivism work unchanged for the goals of the background ideology. This puts wiki in the role of a "propaganda tool" and leads to Consensual point of view wikis primarily.

    Critical Wikiism thinks that the simplification of the naive wikiism is unnessary because the new forms of interaction and cooperation will make classical models of ideology, control and propaganda useless. Wiki can cope with all the complexities of multiple opinion systems and will lead to more transparency and new decision processes anyway. This puts wiki in the role of a "reflection tool" and leads to Multiple point of view wikis primarily.

    The overall goal of Wikiism is the proliferation of wikis, especially as a basis for open online communities. Power-hungry sysops and destructive trolls are seen as negative side-effects that should be minimized (together with the intrinsic problem of clique-formation) by an improved collaboration culture.

    In general wikiists are troll-friendly because they think that

    • (1) the term troll is useless - its only a question of people able to cooperate or not
    • (2) they think that trolls offer unique chances to learn and develop as a community
    • (3) they want their systems to live and share controll (to not become uncontrollable)

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