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    Outing is the revealing of the name attached to someone's body, or any information that can be used to track them down and do bodily harm to them. It is the most basic privacy concern that we can have regarding Consumerium Services. Any service purporting to espouse anonymity should avoid outing its contributors, and reputation should be managed by factions to avoid relying on body names too directly.

    It is a grave concern of the Consumerium Governance Organization. A good policy would be that no information can be revealed and attached to anonymous contributors outside some process that examines only actual threats of bodily harm to other contributors, and to a degree that would stand up at least under international law. After all, comments made here may result in a risk to someone's life due to ruling party activity or revenge from those they are saying negative things about, true or not. We don't want to help that happen, instead we would prefer the political virtues are applied very consistently.

    Pinks in particular take outing extremely seriously - some factions in the gay community have relatively strict and brutal rules for dealing with those who "out" others on an involuntary basis: whatever happens to the person who is outed, will happen to the person who outs them, period. So if someone loses a job because someone else decided to reveal they were gay involuntarily, then, the faction will make sure that s/he who revealed them also loses their job etc.