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    Even the infamous English Wikipedia User RK has come out against outing recently [1]:

    "...has no right to post personal information about any Wikipedia users, whether it is correct or incorrect, especially in the context of a flame war. ...Wikipedia must not... ever allow private personal information to be put online... Wikipedia Sysops must purge this article's records so that

    such personal information is permanently removed."

    He then of course goes on to propagate the spun threat that he and other echo chamber participants invented to exclude English Wikipedia User EntmootsOfTrolls - one of the more prominent cases of such outing games in Wikipedia's long and shameful history. Making his conclusion ironic:

    "I take my personal safety, and the safety of my family, very seriously. I do not want to have to initiate legal action against anyone here in order to protect myself. But it is now a common pattern for those people who hate me to try and expose me, and then threaten me. If Wikipedia doesn't take action to stop such outing and threats, then Wikipedia effectively becomes to party to them, as it enables them to occur without disability.
    "This shouldn't be controversial to any sane person. If any of you are here privately, then you do not want your private information outed, and you do not want to be threatened. You don't want people to out your name, then maybe your address? You don't want Wikipedia to work on the level of threats, do you? I merely feel the same way as most of you."

    It's more than a bit absurd to take commands from people who participate directly and obviously in the very games they demand must end. However, to his credit, RK did not participate in outing himself, only the spun threat, and has refused to join the sysop power structure and did once (somewhat accurately) call Wikipedia "Nazipedia". Why he then continues to edit, who knows?