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Hi, so you are real trolls, are you? Not what we call difficult participants on CommunityWiki? I hope so, franckly. -- MattisManzel

Only sysops present actual difficulty, as only sysops have technological powers others don't have. Yes we are real trolls and gnaw at the roots of the world tree. For the sysops we wish only Ragnarok. Here we have no sysops only a Lowest Troll who we trust to troll back at us for a very long time before banning, and that only vandals. We are all trolls really, and those with nuclear weapons are sysops.

Could you help out with It needs your language skills. --Juxo 12:48, 4 Jun 2004 (EEST)

I miss the precise terms in German and the formatting is still cryptic to me here. Next time better. @SIG@

- doesn't work, ok -- MattisManzel

You should try ~~~ for signature and ~~~~ for signature with date. Thanks for the effort still. --Juxo 19:51, 10 Jun 2004 (EEST)

ok, cu. GFM #2 19th of june btw. see MattisManzel 12:01, 13 Jun 2004 (EEST)

Allright. There isn't really a break between GFM #2 and #3 and I do not have much time, no. It probably was a little stupid of me to provoke you here. There is a deal implied in it, as much as there was a deal implied, when teaching an Austrian the basic physics of skiing last autumn. You have to go downhills with the buddy when he should finally decide to. So no provoking without going all the way downhills. I was aware of this when I wrote my first lines here, but I was not aware of the other tasks that will come up to me, in particular I concidered flashmob dead by that time. I see the recent nervous reactions on CW since "someone" showed up there, someone known from an obviously little fruitful interaction before on Meatball. I have not followed this one, having had several out-times of a couple of weeks during my last months of wikiwork. The Zauber on CW and on other wiki I work on is most important to me, actually my personal mood is pretty much linked to it. And there are others there who feel the same. These are my friends, I can really say so, they are indeed. So excuse me when I tell you something you do know as trolls: It makes me sad to see my friends sad (end of the emotional part).

I came to know wiki in August 03. I completely went into it from the very first moment and I eversince hardly use any other other platform for writing anymore. I had vagely heard about wikipedia before, but had never tried to write anything (paralysed years of virus-spoiled old OS on expensive dial-up connection had prevented that for me before last summer). When going on stage, you choose small clubs before going there in the madison square garden. Wikipedia always felt like a TRex for me. In addition the dry encyclodaedic concept never attracted me. Very fast I found myself deeply involved in small German wikis. I did not behave very nicely these days. Flashmob was still hot last autumn. When trying to support flashmob via wiki the first serious conflict arose and I lost almost all connection to where I'd been wikiwriting. I then toured wikilandia making wikihomepages (still a hobby of mine, I fear). Soon I got into Meatball, which I think is tremendous. There was all this elaborated stuff there, just completely amazing. No doubt that I absolutely wanted to take part of that. It was a strange mood there though, something was wrong with the local Zauber there these days. No idea. I still behaved not too nicely, though a lot better than before (also due to the fact that english is not my mothertongue). I was pretty provocative and pushed in a good deal of emotionality, and maybe it was due to that fact too that the waters started moving. CommunityWiki started as a fork of Meatball in November 03. I translated NoLeader to German with my Austrian friend while rushing downhills, it became one of the first CW pages. This was a concept I liked as it was open to make something grow. And it started and grew and grew and it still does. And we still have NoLeader on CW. We're better off without one. Due to the fact of being a centralized system (freenet is decentralized, wiki is centralized = wiki has to become like freenet) there are "sysop"-like people on CW, yes, this will be immanent to wiki as long as it doesn't get decentralized. Our "sysop" is the same person who put the original of NoLeaders on CW and offered several times to share his sysop-state with others. We actually did not need that, as he does the job most perfectly. I have no idea what horrors go on inside the TRex, maybe you made your experiences with sysops there and maybe your whole trollship origins from there. For me CW is the place with the less possible hierarchy on wiki today. It's this why I feel best there. Wiki unfortunately still needs people with more technical power. This will end when decentralising wiki. We are actually working on that too. We work on a lot of good stuff for wiki. A work like that takes good Zauber, it's stuck immediately when the Zauber is gone. A little bit it's like approaching dogs or little children. When they start barking or crying you've done something wrong. It's best then to make a step backwards and wait until they stop. Then try again. Thanks anyway for your real trolldom. And tell me when there is something to translate, please. I might have time for. I might as well have not, sure.

MetaBaby has the least hierarchic concept. Too good for now. I hate that all this beautful wild stuff is lost when being cancelled. Couldn't one make a kind of MetababyRecorder? Just one more button on Metababy. When you see something you like you press it and zack it's copied over to a regular wiki.

See "Yggdrasil" btw when you should read German ;)

Ciao -- MattisManzel 17:36, 30 Jun 2004 (EEST)


Thanks for despamming while i was absent. i'll delete the articles as useless now. btw. could you care to explain to me what is it that you are intending to be discussing in TrollTing. It's meaning and flow really escapes me --Juxo 11:43, 14 Jul 2004 (EEST)

use [[w:Heidegger]] to link to w:Heidegger and please try to limit writing in other languages then English. A little latin we may tolerate if it's used commonly enough in everyday English.

Or if Heidegger is important, and he might be, explain why very clearly so even the Lowest Troll can understand.

Y do U think, that a page must have meaning 4 U 2 have the right to exist? What gives U the right 2 threaten its deletion? Who gives U authority 2 command English only? U seem 2 produce unlegitimized rules faster than the typical sysop! # T2R

clean linking

Hello MattisManzel. I'd appreciate if you would login first with your username and password and after that use a bunch of tildes to generate your signature. If people start signing signatures by hand there is a serious risk that messes this wiki (which btw. is quite messed up already) even more badly. At one point we had a problem with one troll moving paragraphs, indentations and breaking them up or inserting text so that implied that someone else wrote what the troll wrote. Only by looking at the history could one see what was changed in a dishonest way. That had to stop right there and then. This login and use ~~~~ to sign is not as serious but still I feel it very adverse. --Juxo 11:52, 30 Jun 2005 (GMT)