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Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree, is the center of the Norse cosmology. As such it is sacred to trolls, who only exist in that mythology (and racist trash like Tolkien which slanders trolls badly).

An eagle sits in the branches of the tree and between its eyes perches a hawk. There is a squirrel called Ratatosk which scurries between the eagle and Nidhogg carrying messages. Nidhogg is the serpent which gnaws at Yggdrasil's Niflheim root.

Along with this menagerie are four stags running in the branches eating the leaves, Heidrun the goat and Eikthyrmir the hart also eating leaves. With all the munching going on the tree needs tending - that is the task of the Norns at Urd's well under one of the roots.

The Norns pour water over the tree every day keeping its bark white. The tree produces honeydew and also berries which help women with pregnancy. It appears to be the giver / nourishes of life so it is not surprising when we read that the first humans Ash also Ask and Embla were created from trees (one being an Ash), or that two humans Lif and Leifthrasir will hide in the tree during Ragnarok with the tree's honeydew sustaining them until they can go on to restart humanity.

The world tree was a symbol common to many societies. The tree specifically connecting the three regions of man, heaven, and the underworld appears in eastern mythology. Also Odin's nine night suspension in the tree's branches is similar to Finnish shamanistic practices with a nine night stay in a birch tree."

The relevance of the world tree to Consumerium should be obvious: like the Norse version, which is surrounded by diverse creatures and spirits, Consumerium's wiki-cultivated gnawlij is also constantly tended and updated by many strange creatures, some of whom will bite you on the leg. Also like the Norse version, the associations made between companies and brands (see who owns what) and their behaviour (like oh say deforestation), form a single hierarchy of implications - a "tree" to connect any action to its future comprehensive outcome. Because there is only *one* such tree (in either case), there will eventually be *some* impact, and nothing can be ignored...

This suggests that the world tree would be a good symbol for Consumerium.

Some suggest that the world tree is in direct opposition to the Hive Mind conceptual metaphor which implies obedience and absolute hierarchy - an entire world subordinate to one "mind", rather than the biodiversity of the existing natural world. See Wikimedia corruption and God's Eye View for more on this problem and its implications for large public wikis.