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    This was my user-page on

    This is me.

    Hello. I am Juho, the founder, maintainer and bill-payer of and more..

    Origins of my username[edit | edit source]

    The username Jukeboksi comes from a few years back when my friends started to call me Juho Jukebox, probably something to do with the fact that in my neighborhood I often had a Philips Fidelio P9 rechargeable loudspeaker with me (and a Spotify subscription) and usually I played the tunes that the people were requesting of me.

    Origins of[edit | edit source]

    The precursor of this wiki was a business studies study wiki I kept at the domain "Why a Slovenian domain?", you may ask. Our class was called GLOBBA12SI in the school's information system so I chose a domain name from that. In that wiki I sourced definitions from Wikipedia and information from teachers for all things that popped up while studying international business at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in 2012-2015.

    Things I do[edit | edit source]

    I enjoy making some Wikivoyage edits. Also sailing.
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    First known photo of me on the Internetz. Selfie taken in the University's test field in 2002.
    Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki is a call for resistance. SSF! wiki's How to protect yourself and others from covert modeling is a one good place to start to learn about various things to do to protect the humans, the communities, the judiciaries and the police and the humankind.

    Articles I've started[edit | edit source]

    • User:Jukeboksi/ therapeutics - In the Spring of 2017 my dad (RIP) fell ill with Acute myeloid leukemia (AML). I had heard on a cursory level that cannabinoids could help with cancer so I started doing a little research on how CBD oil could help my dad's condition. The natural therapeutics article grew out of that. Dad passed away in September 2017, but I am hopeful that the information in the article can help people find relief from natural therapeutics for their condition.

    Blog entries for this wiki and its precursor[edit | edit source]

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