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    2012-10-27[edit | edit source]

    Forgot to log that now redirects to the public free statuspage and The 20 Free ( as in beer ) SMS alerts if the Development Wiki goes down should now be operational.

    2012-10-02[edit | edit source]

    'k .. paid the server bills today [✔]
    .. made backups [✔]
    .. verified backups [✔]

    2012-10-01[edit | edit source]

    There was an outtage of approx. one day in duration that was resolved today. The Apache2 couldn't bind to socket for some reason.

    I should really edit voting to reflect that it really does not make sense from a consumer privacy protection angle to have open personiefied voting, but open yet anonymized voting in where everyone sees what everyone voted but does not know who voted what ( unless explicitly made public ). This way any paid-trolling and skewing efforts can be countered by formulating anti-skewing vote counting measures and these are easy to distribute should active "trusted" parties/factions form.