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English[edit | edit source]

Language tools and resources[edit | edit source]

Courses[edit | edit source]

Observations on Business English[edit | edit source]

Market slang contains a lot of synonyms and words with overlapping meanings ( e.g. capital, equity, shares, stock, investments, holdings, assets etc. almost used interchangeably ) and could be argued that this is done intentionally to render investorspeak non-understandable for the non-investor. Like all cliques and guilds ( lawyers, doctrors etc. ) develop language to make their trade harder for others ( outsiders ) to understand.”

~ jubo-jubo on terminology and cliques

Recommended reading[edit | edit source]

  • w:The Stock Exchange (book) written by w:Max Weber in 1894-1896 in what is now w:Germany at under 100 pages it was originally published as a 2-part informational leaflets for workers suspicious and out-of-the-loop in of the ways of the bourses it remains to this date a very relevant and almost essential read should you want begin to understand the flavours of modern w:investment.

Finnish[edit | edit source]

Learn legal Finnish with translations[edit | edit source]

Swedish[edit | edit source]

French[edit | edit source]

Russian[edit | edit source]

Places[edit | edit source]

  • Library of The Parliament of Finland is situated in the "Postitalo" right at the core of Helsinki (map). In addition to having all laws and all regulations legistlated by the parliament, they offer wide variety of weekly and monthly magazines from all over the world. Free entry.

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