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    Roast kale salad[edit | edit source]


    Communal garden of the neighbourhood got some flowers and also some edibles.

    I harvested some nice fresh kale from the neighbourhood communal garden and decided to try to make my mom's roast kale salad and it turned out fine. This recipe serves 4.

    The roast kale salad is best served immediately so the kale is crunchy and warm.
    • Take approximately 700g of kale, two big red onions, one big garlic and 5 plums
    • Tear the kale to small pieces leaving the leaf stems out
    • Mix the kale with a little bit of oil and press most of the garlic with a garlic press and toss the ingredients in the bowl
    • Heat the oven to 200C and the frying pan hot.
    • Dice the red onions and chop the rest of the garlic.
    • Slice up the plums removing the pits.
    • Roast the kale in the 200C preheated oven for 9 minutes while sautéing the red onions on the frying pan. Add in the chopped garlic when the red onions are half sautéed.
    • Build the salad with the roast kale on bottom, then the fried red onions and the plums on top

    Credits: I got this recipe from my mum who got it from the Helsinki community college cooking class.

    Salmon and horseradish rye sushi bread[edit | edit source]


    • Take couple of rye bread halves and stick 'em in the toaster.
    • Butter them.
    • Put plenty of gravad lax ( salted salmon kept in a fridge under wraps and weigh for a 1 - 1.5 days or more if you didn't put much salt on it )
    • Put plenty of horseradish paste
    • Enjoy while warm.

    Had this yesterday.. It's very much like salmon nigiri sushi with wasabi. --Juboxi (talk) 16:47, 1 June 2014 (EEST)

    Juboxi's Petit Maman's sour lactarius Xmas salad[edit | edit source]

    • Mix and serve cool

    Salmon and broccoli boiled in cream and stock[edit | edit source]

    • Put the salmon fillet(s) in the oven pan
    • Cut the broccoli into small, mouth-sized or bigger buds and place around ( and on top ) of the salmon
    • Cut onions into 1/8ths ( halve, halve, halve ) and place in oven pan
    • Add high-fat cream ( I used 30% ) and vegetable stock 1:1 untill broccoli buds are submerged
    • Salt & black pepper to taste
    • Pan goes into 200C oven. In about 25-30 minutes or so the cream&stock will be boiling.. 20-25 minutes after this and it's ready
    • The lovely salmon fat and the fat of the cream makes the broccoli buds irresistible
    • Serve with rice or pasta or potato mash
    • This recipe is dedicated to all who've contributed their time and effort to development of FOSS

    Consu-stew[edit | edit source]

    Note: This is the only word begining with "Consu" recognized around here.


    I've been eating this for two days in a row now

    Peeling a garlic glove in a matter of seconds[edit | edit source]

    Peeling a glove of garlic can be done in a matter of seconds by first removing the hard bit at the bottom and then placing a cook's knife on top of the glove sideways and hitting the knife ever so slightly just to break the structure (not squashing it completely helps you get the peel in almost one piece) and the peel practically falls off


    Mushrooms in dijon cream[edit | edit source]

    Chantarelles in dijon cream with pasta and cheese. This particular one was with smoked turkey in place of the bacon cubers in the recipe. Could try to explore a vegan version of this sometime.
    • Put the pan on maximum heat and add oil
    • Toss in lots of mushrooms (chantarels and something else was what I used). You can fill the pan to the brim or even over, they'll shrink to a third or fourth of the volume when you boil out the water. Don't cut the mushrooms as they will shrink a lot.
    • Stir the mushrooms occasionally while on max heat. Toss in some salt when the water starts to come out of the mushrooms
    • While mushrooms are in the pan chop up some onions (2-3) and bacon (100 grams or so) and throw them in.
    • When the onions are sweet and the bacon is semi-crunchy throw in black pepper. Put plenty of pepper since the cream will take lot of the edge off.
    • Put 2dl of cream and a couple of teaspoons of dijon mustard in a mixer and mix (I used 4 plentyful spoons, maybe a little over the top but not badly)
    • Pour the cream-dijon mix stirr and bring the sauce to low-boil
    • Stir constantly for a couple of minutes and serve with potatoes of your choice


    Fried potatoes with white beans[edit | edit source]

    I was just the other day making something for my vegetarian friends and this is what we munched on.

    • Boil the potatoes almost ready, but not fully cooked. Pour out water and put aside to cool a bit to enable slicing them without burning your fingers
    • Chop plenty of onions
    • Chop an agreeable amount of garlic
    • Heat the frying pan and put the onions in plenty of oil. The rest of the oil will be soaked into the sliced potatoes once they go in giving them a nice brown crunchy surface.
    • Don't fry the onions, just cook them untill they turn soft and yellow
    • Slice potatoes in the pan
    • Spice with salt, black pepper and cajun seasoning
    • Get some white beans in tomato sauce. Remember to recycle the can in with metals
    • Pour the beans into the pot and heat. Throw in the crushed or chopped garlic
    • Serve on plates so that the beans are next to the crunchy potatoes, not on top of them which would make them mushy.


    Fried zucchini with rucola[edit | edit source]

    Now this is really a summer thingy so if you in the northern hemisphere you'll have to wait some time or import the stuff

    • Get zucchini and rucola salad. Assume you have oil, black pepper, salt
    • Fire up the stove. Make it hot.
    • Slice the zucchini into almost 1cm slices
    • Fry the slices with little oil untill brown spots appear. Flip over add little salt. Add black pepper, finely ground but not too finely. Adding the pepper after taking the zucchini off the frying pan and stacking them on a plate might work and that way you don't have to worry about the pepper getting scorched
    • Arrange the slices onto a plate or bowl or something
    • Rip enough rucola to cover the slices
    • Serve with plenty of bread and water


    Air-dried ham with melon[edit | edit source]

    • Get half a melon, preferably a very sweet, orange one. A watermelon will not work otherwise it's your fancy.
    • Remove seeds with a spoon
    • Use the spoon to carve nice sub-mouthful sized pieces of the melon
    • Get 100g or so air-dried ham that is sliced ultra-thin. Italians will insist on using Parma naturally 'cause they have this EU protection thingy that only air-cured ham from Parma can be called "Parman ham".
    • Cut each slice into two narrower slices. A whole slice would ruin the balance
    • Wrap each melon piece in ham


    I'm not actually making this now but I often do and it's such a excellent sidekick to many salads and stuff that I just gotta share this with you.

    Cool Spanish tortilla with Balsamic vinegar[edit | edit source]

    • Class: Side dish (yummy with salads)
    • Preparation: varies much. 10 minutes with precooked potato-onion mix, 30 minutes with raw ingredients + 30 minutes for cooling the dish for serving (depending on weather of course)
    • Skill requirements: Low (if you have the right equipment handy)
    • Hardware: Stove (any kind), Frying pan or two or more if you want to streamline production of catering quantities, Something for cooking potatoes, like what's it called. and most necessarily a plate big enough to cover the frying pan (or just the second frying pan mentioned before)
    • Clean up: 4 minutes
    • Cost: Low
    • Groups: Halal, Kosher, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, prepare-store-serve
    • Performance: excellent for the buck, hunger removal very effective, very suitable for catering type of situation as well as a solo kitchen where this treat will stay yummy and healthy in your fridge for a long time.

    Here goes...

    • Potatoes. Cook 'em
    • Onions. Gently heat with plenty of oil
      • Or use a frozen bag of potato-onion mix if in a hurry
    • Slightly cooked (fullly cooking isn't really required, you should leave them a little hard) potatoes sliced go in the pan with the onions
    • Make it hot, try not to squash the potato slices
    • Add salt. Make it plenty since much of it will be absorbed into the eggs.
    • Throw in free-ranging eggs. Break the egg shell into two pieces by hitting on a solid, sharp corner and pry with your hands so that you can pour the contents so that you use the sharp edges of the shell to pierce the yolk (yellow thingy). Repeat untill the potato-onion mixture is almost covered with the eggs.
    • Drop the heat a little and cover the frying pan with something such as the plate, though you should remember that the plate becomes incredibly hot and due to the quick release of heat from porcelain you'll burn your fingers in the next step. Wear protective clothing.
    • Think carefully how you will accomplish the next step taking into consideration your joints and and muscles in your hands and around your shoulders. Meditate and when you've got a working theory, proceed.
    • Once the surface of the mixture is solid in such a way that it doesn't stick to things much you take the plate place it over the pan. Holding the pan and the plate together with two hands (remember to wear protective clothing) you flip the whole thing over. Slide the tortilla back to the pan and fry gently. When doing these things in an assembly line fashion you naturally use the other hot pan instead of a plate thus working two stowes in a serial manner.
    • Once it's slightly brown and slightly crispy or whatever you prefer take it to a cool place to cool down before serving. Please don't stick straight into the fridge cause that will consume a hell of a lot of energy.
    • Slice into sectors for serving and please do serve a bottle of balsamic vinegar with it so that everyone can moisten it with vinegar to taste.


    I just had breakfast:

    Apple-onion brie hot sandwiches[edit | edit source]

    The apple-onion-brie sandwiches ready to go into the oven
    • Bread, any bread should do, though i used rye
    • Toast the bread, to make it a little crunchy
    • Butter it
    • Chop half of a small apple into slices of any size
    • Slice some onions as fine as possible
    • Apples go to the bottom, put the onion slices atop the apples
    • And to keep you healthy and vampire free, you really should try throwing in some crushed or chopped garlic gloves.
    • A pinch of white pepper before you put the brie on top
    • Plenty of brie cheese to top it off. I used danish organic low fat version
    • Microwaving will do just great, but you can of course use whatever heating equipment you like
    • Keep in mind that Brie will turn quite liquid quite quickly, so keep an aye on things
    • If any brie gets to touch the plate, you should know it's quite sticky, so wash up soon

    Asparagus with melted butter and grated cheese[edit | edit source]

    Cook asparagus halfway in a pan, add molten butter and powder cheese into the hot pan after straining the water out.

    Asparagus with melted butter and grated cheese 500g asparagus 1/2 teaspoon salt 30g butter 50g parmesan-type finely shred cheese Pinch of salt Touch of lemon juice

    • Boil the asparagus normally in slightly salted water for 3-4 minutes
    • Drain water
    • Add melted butter to asparagus in hot pan and roll around
    • Add salt to taste
    • Add finely grated cheese to hot pan, stir and serve with a touch of lemon immediately
    • Enjoy

    Hawaian cheezybreads[edit | edit source]

    • Take 9 slices of big toast, place on cooking sheet on an oven plate.
    • Butter them.
    • Put 2-3 slices of ham depending on thickness of ham
    • Put a ring of mustard in the shape of an pineapple ring
    • Slice of pineapple on top
    • Top off with plenty of shredded cheese
    • 225C oven 11-13 minutes and let cool down to eating temperature for approx 10 minutes after removing from oven

    Enjoy. Some would say that these are better cold from the fridge the next morning. Certainly work as cold cheezybreads as well.

    Tomato-mozzarella salad[edit | edit source]

    Tomato-mozzarella salad with basil, oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt.
    • Get 125g of mozzarella, slice
    • Get 2 tomatoes, slice
    • Sprinkle olive oil, a pinch of salt and nice dose of balsamic vinegar
    • Put lots of fresh basil leaves on top
    • Taste is enhanced if you let it sit in the fridge for couple of hours but is totally devourable immediately.