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    Today is my day off. There are a few issues regarding a new way to arrange information efficiently and intuitively. Once I get the final details (more like pitfall fixes) in place I will present the plan for public scrutiny.


    Today I upgraded the Test wiki straight from CVS, so I could write an extension that gets parameters passed in similar way as in XML and HTML ie. <extesion parameter="value"><extension> which has been possible only 13 days as of today.

    Soon I will upgrade the ListSubPages extension to allow ordering of subpages by article creation time, article modification time and eventually by regular expressions (Currently it lists the articles by alphabetical order and MySQL thinks that CAPITAL 'B'. is before lowercase 'a'. I will not jump at it, but relax for a while and let my subconcious work on it.


    Today I wrote my first MediaWiki extension. It looks up all subarticles for any article. You can try it out at

    Next extension to code is maybe collating articles into one view from many different articles or something.

    Also last night I came to think about a new strategy that feels really really suitable and intuitive for workable Wiki governance, but now I'm very tired and have to get sleep so later folks.


    Attention.xml seems interesting. They have really well thought presentation (the "nerdy stuff") about the pitfalls and successes of several Markup Languages (XML and HTML).

    "All" know that voting is unwiki in some fundamental way... Maybe Attention.xml will develop into a framework that we might utilise to do more complex voting then just Oppose, Neutral, Support

    I've been busy today assembling a working Linux workstation for my friend from some old scrap machines.


    • Upgraded from 1.4.4 to 1.4.5.
    • Seems that using the m:SpamBlacklist extension has turned spam-anti-spam into a classical mouse and cat game. If wikispamming continues to be as volumnous as it's been this last week or so I'll be forced to move to a hidden blacklist. In this current situation a script-kiddie can make a script that avoids the Consumerium spam blacklist as it is now