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    2012-07-17[edit | edit source]

    Backed everything up and upgraded MediaWiki to 1.19.1.

    2012-07-12[edit | edit source]

    Could consider optional anonymization of voting for consumer information safety but that will hasten the skewing effort by paid trolls like voting positive on Nestlé, Shell and so and if the votes are anonymized we can't go and tell them that we have a problem with someone voting something they vote since we cannot no longer know who is it that is voting stuff that has to be cleared out with tuning the counting distributed the tuned counting system to anti-skew.


    2012-07-02[edit | edit source] now online, the 2nd server. I chose the Finnish hosting guys because:

    1. ) of the inevitable demand for backup space and with as low as 100 or 200GB the cost-savings were substantial
    2. ) I am foreseeing a future rise in server performance demand as we begin with the implementation phase.

    In their solution we can have all VPS bought from them in the same subnet and then via the API ( or the web interface to the API ) you can configure the L3 firewall that controls traffic in or out of any machine in the subnet so that should yield a high performance system with only a few handfuls of virtual servers. Physically their computers are connected to each other over 10Gb/s Ethernet and their storage solution is fast SAS-disks connected to an extremely low latency 40Gbit/s w:infiniband network and w:SSD read caching in the middle of the disks and the superfast network.

    Yeah.. Loaded 45€+VAT to the account estimate says that the total money in the account is enough for 104 days of 2nd server as of 2012-07-02

    Translatewiki is a great resource for Consumium effort.

    2012-07-01[edit | edit source]

    Looking at two potential VPS-from-cloud providers, and . I use the former for domain registry and really like it. Seems like an extremely solid and sympathic company otoh the latter gets cheaper and cheaper in comparison when the requirement for diskspace goes up. The uses fast SAS disks attached to 40Gbit/s infiniband networking ( 4 x the speed of 10Gbit ethernet and lower latency ) .

    The server no. 2 I'm shopping for now will be called and besides backing other servers up only serves as and Without root password, strictly only very trusted people have sudo access, using ssh keys instead of passwords to access the backuppable servers / services.

    Then server no. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc can be backupped automized to the backup server.