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    I'm exhausted... must rest. I'll work on sorting this mess of a wiki tomorrow.


    My computer is toasted once again and is in "service" currently. Unfortunatelly they get the needed part to their european central distribution centre on Jan 30... Way to go Apple.

    142.177.X.X seems to be back and is as confusing as ever, but otoh he made some good points in Undelete page (about liability) and Language versus liability though it seems that most of the stuff discussed in Undelete page would fit in Wikis article better. I have some ideas about how to handle the liability question so that we don't need to do censorship nor frequent the court room, but i'll get to that later on after i've figured some law issues out.

    One wiki model is something to be considered carefully, but on this question of how many wikis and what goes where and who makes the calls I emphasize the robustness of the model where all votes are public, there are two classes (Direct Vote+Indirect Vote) and every user and every consortium gets to choose their own secret vote exclusion/inclusion rules that are not known to CGO or whatever the nutters who dare to take on like trying work this thing in practice are known as. Representational democracy has almost a diametrically opposed model to this, but a democracy is confined to it's model by it's definition.


    Thanks to User:Angela for blanking spam, which you can't see because I got around to deleting it.