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    I've been a bit absent for a while mainly because I've been on a 24/7 bozo nightmare imagining that depth gauging that swamp is something worthwhile. I shall now conclude this episode by saying it's deep enough so don't do anything seriously stupid like i do sometimes, instead bear with us a little while more and I'll try to come up with some rubus chamaemorus to go with the pancakes. We will need sugar to pickle it though...

    A recent dump of cur and old tables is now linked from MySQL dump which means that we are complying with the source-access requirement of the GFDL as noted by our esteemed trolls at XML dump. Modelling SQL as XML is trivial, though if one gets paid to do it then it naturally stops being trivial, enough said.

    Now we are living in the fear of a fork, but i can tell that genuine imaginary Consumerium pancakes are better and our imaginary jams are more delicious then the other brand.

    So far what we've achieved is:

    1. Quite complete theory of political consumerism
    2. Partial implementation plan to enable 1.
    3. Useless wordplay and information elitism
    4. Bad jokes
    5. Worse grammar