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    Now that most of the theoretical building blocks seem to be somewhere around here it's time to start figuring out how to make it work in practice, which raises a horde of open questions. I will try my best to deal with the numerous rising issues, but not today. The rigidness offered by XML solutions combined with the flexibility of Wikicode might be a good solution for storing and serving content. Must think about this some more before trying to write out an implementation plan.

    Look into tikiwiki and MoinMoinWiki (a Python thing). Both are far more flexible than this wikipedia3 stuff, and more scalable. I think the general move is to tikiwiki in the larger world. So we should move to it, too.
    I looked into TikiWiki 1.4 back in the day when I was trying to find a CMS to do this R&D stuff and at least then it was slow and bloated with features we don't need. And besides there is a strong need (from the Consumerium point of view) to interact with Wikipedia and other sites running MediaWiki so we shouldn't move to TikiWiki for the time being.


    Since none of the trolls have objected to the framework of The Consumerium Exchange I wrote down earlier on I guess it is time to move on to the details, which have to be carefully crafted to keep the voting process simple yet resistant to tampering.

    It's not a bad starting point, as it stands. Might as well work out more details.

    There are numerous other issues that have to be re-evaluated due to the change of the design paradigm from XML to Wiki for the actual content. Propably the most prominent problems being the multi-language/Internationalization issue.

    And one more thing: I need a job cause like being unemployed (read: without "permanent" source of buying power) kinda hampers my motivation to do this stuff. So if you know someone who needs an employee please tell them that I'm available.


    The quasi-constant flamerybaitteringishness is fatiguing me, so i'm off for a while. Seeya.


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