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    December[edit | edit source]

    2013-12-30[edit | edit source]

    Domain set up (it works) Next to the SSL certificate to enable accessing wiki via encrypted, a crucial component of consumer protection. The registrar has some problem with it SSL certificate generation process, I dunno when it will be solved..

    Yeah.. their process gives a 500 error and it says they are probably working on it already.. Sorted.

    Seems one major problem with this whole consumer empowerment scheming is how to tell what is a human and what is a bot.

    Did complete backups of and this development wiki on the new machine et al.

    mmm.. the new Finnish server arrived... I pay the hosting guys a lot compared to todays price leader but I've negotiated 2 for the price of one. :D Keeping the production servers in Finland ensures that any legal threats will fall under Finnish jurisdiction.

    Got the .crt and the .key file. Not sure where from I get the .pem file... HTTPS protected implementation phase wiki is advancing..

    Domains and have been renewed till 2015

    I'm downloading the backups also to the new laptop I've acquired. The ADSL hardline got sold to me as 40Mbit/s and all I see is 15Mbit/s.. The rights of the consumers..

    'k .. got the .pem file from registrar.. everything looks set to try to set up encryption for connections to ( not existent atm )

    2013-12-29[edit | edit source]

    Working on acquiring a 2nd SSL cert + key to run with HTTPS protection. To not to protect the users who'd wish so would be inexcusable.

    We seem to have a problem with machines joining, writing their non-sense and pretending to be humans. Something has to be thought to counter this. is the same certificate as on the cheap Dutch machine ergo needs a distinct sub-domain to keep production servers in Finland to ensure in Finnish jurisdiction.

    According to ( tab "General" ) this development wiki has around 20,000 registered users out of which maybe 100-150 are humans. Needs to update the w:CAPTCHA to a moderner version obviously.

    To choose correct MediaWiki/Extensions and formulate correct templates is crucial to not doing a bad job at slowly moving to implementation phase ( )

    November[edit | edit source]

    Infographic on who owns what

    September[edit | edit source]

    2013-09-30[edit | edit source]

    • Made and verified full backups

    2013-09-02[edit | edit source]

    • Fixed the index.html of to the version that contains the slogan "Enhancing consumer informedness" in both <title> and <H1>
    • Made, verified and distributed full backups to various machines and also off-line storage. In addition the people hosting the production server #1 take daily off-line snapshots of everything and the TransIP.EU hosting guys offer 1 free snapshot, it'd be much cooler if it was 2.