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    UMTS or 'Universal Mobile Telecommunications System' "is one of the major new 'third generation' (3G) mobile communications systems being developed within the framework defined by the ITU and known as IMT-2000" standards: GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth and (most important) DECT.

    "UMTS will play a key role in creating the mass market for high-quality wireless multimedia communications that will exceed 2 billion users worldwide by the year 2010. This market will be worth over 1 trillion US dollars to mobile operators over the next ten years" according to telecom industry propagandists plastering the entire net with this pro-technology propaganda:

    • "The first UMTS services launched commercially in 2001"
    • "Over 100 3G licenses have already been awarded"
    • "UMTS experimental systems are now in field trial with several leading vendors worldwide"
    • "UMTS builds on current investments in second generation mobile systems"
    • "UMTS has the support of several hundred network operators, manufacturers and equipment vendors worldwide"

    While many claims are questionable, especially regarding WAP and GPRS, both of which are transitory technologies that don't neatly integrate with the audio applications traditionally associated with telecom, there is more potential for Bluetooth (e.g. Serendipity) and DECT's reduction of obsolescence and redundancy in creating true healthy signal infrastructure, one that could "create a mass market for highly personalised and user-friendly mobile access... pictures, graphics, video communications and other wideband information as well as voice and data, direct to people who can be on the move." It builds on digital cellular and cordless systems "by providing increased capacity, data capability and a far greater range of services using an innovative radio access scheme and an enhanced, evolving core network."

    "The launch of UMTS services heralds a new, "open" communications universe, with players from many sectors (including providers of information and entertainment services) coming together... to deliver new communications services, characterised by mobility and advanced multimedia capabilities."