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    "Using Bluetooth wireless technology - a short-range system built into many mobile phones - would-be daters subscribe to a service that stores a personal profile, their photograph and a wish-list of what they are looking for in a partner.

    When the database spots enough similarities between two people who are in close proximity � no matter if it is in a shopping mall, office, bar or cafe - the service tells their mobile phones to communicate with each other, sending over a package of details and a picture.

    After the help of technology, comes the human bit - deciding whether and how to talk to a complete stranger."

    If this could also be done for buying criteria, this would be one of the most essential projects, since it would help people with similar views find each other and cooperate on Campaigns ("buy local" efforts) or Research relevant to their local area. This would especially help Distributed Consumerium which would rely more on such local initiatives.