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A Troll Board is like a parole board (even kind of sounds like it) that decides which trolls are indefensible due to libel, outing, difficult-to-define vandalism or whatever they might do. Note that sysops count as trolls too under this definition*, so where a Troll Board exists, sysops can be bounced. Recruitment to this board is probably based on whoever has been most obviously oppressed by sysop power structure, libel, outing, etc..

A Troll Board usually comes into existence when a Lowest Troll goes insane and starts to build a sysop power structure accountable only to themselves, consort with GodKings, or be cowed by libel chill or the invention of spun threats for which they might be "held responsible" - even though they did not occur. Once such corporate intimidation, e.g. from Bomis, begins, it is difficult to imagine that it would not lead to other such intimidation, e.g. from Monsanto, McDonald's, Exxon, Coca-Cola and others who are good at frightening those critical of their worst practices.

Such a board would still be responsible to Consumerium Governance Organization where delivery of Consumerium Services are concerned.