Troll-formative injustice

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    Troll-formative injustice is what creates a troll. It occurs when someone with authority is not troll-friendly enough.

    Woe is them!

    Here is a humourous dialogue on this that is being distributed on Overnet:


    System administrator: My systems administration skills give me insight also into real life! I believe that Pi can be set equal to 3.1 without difficulty. Unnecessary digits will be removed whenever I notice them, and offenders who claim they are required will be punished.

    Ordinary user: Well, my skills as an engineer can't really be used if I try to pretend Pi=3.1, so in the articles I edit it will be set to 3.1415926536... and there will be a note that says that it is actually an irrational number.

    System administrator: Irrational number! No such thing! Like Pythagoras and his students I should have you drowned in a barrel for making such a claim! But since I am merciful I will merely block your IP number and set Pi back rightfully to 3.1 as has been declared rightful by our GodKing. And do not return, you troll!

    Ordinary user, now a troll: Well, I have many IP numbers and here I am back again. I have fixed the article to undo your "sysop vandalism" and I hope you will realize that you do not know everything, despite your exalted systems administrator status. And yes, I suppose I am a troll since a troll is defined as "someone who actually wins Internet arguments" and thereby forces administrators to block them.

    System administrator rants, raves, invents power structures, hierarchies, and other nonsense to justify continued witchunts and technological escalations...