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Recyclopedia is down and there are numerous conspiracy theories floated by trolls about it.'

There is extremely strong circumstantial evidence that Wikimedia and MediaWiki promoters were directly involved in vandalbot attacks just before the final denial of service attack. It is not clear whether this is what discouraged Recyclopedia's founder from continuing, but it seems likely. This is far more valid than a "conspiracy theory".

If you want to know more about it, the more anarchist Recyclopedia studies it, so see their article on it: *

Woops censored by sysop vandalism via denial of service attack via vandalbot via Tim... ooh let's not go there.

Seems it is happening here, with emergence of articles like Craig Hubley. How should we respond?

Is it really the case that someone can write lies about Craig Hubley but they cannot tell the truth about Gus Kouwenhoven, at Consumerium? If so what good is it?

It seems entirely reasonable to assume that someone is from a faction espousing Sysop Vandal point of view if they dredge up old junk articles that have no credibility at all and republish them here after they've died and started to rot. That is neither New Troll point of view nor is calling someone an advocate of that SVpov a wiki witchhunt: there has been no attempt at outing or even relating the whole thing to an overall strategy by the Wikipedia sysop power structure.