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Hey 142.177.X.X where was this list copied from? You really should do source attribution according to GFDL and it also helps very much in keeping different versions in sync.

It's just a list, it's nowhere near extensive enough to have compilation copyright in any country. So it's just GFDL.
If it's GFDL it needs *AUTHOR* attribution, not *SOURCE* attribution. Wikipedia has broken the rules so badly that this is totally impossible to provide, it's XML export doesn't include the list of contributors, only the most recent one! So this is impossible in principle. Trolls abandoned the concept of authorship and attribution long ago for the GFDL corpus, and now just have to work to get everyone to abandon it. Blame Wikipedia again!
You should have asked earlier, we forgot where it's from now, but it's not hard to find texts with google if you just use some distinctive phrases from it.