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An actual trollist would say there is no such thing as "trollism" except in the diseased minds of sysops. The trollist is someone who recognizes other trolls as allies, plain and simple, as they mutually resist sysopism itself.

Likewise, sysops deny there is sysopism and claim to simply be "reducing harm to the community" whatever that means. The two views are irreconcilable.

But redirecting trollist to trollism would seem to agree with sysops. This is identical to the argument about w:Islamist and w:Islamism - no Islamist would say there is any such thing as "Islamism", they would say they are applying Islam correctly and honestly to political reality.

Likewise, a troll says s/he/it is obligated to respond to sysops by trolling, as any alternative course of action, e.g. lawsuits, violence, war against them, would be less moral. Trollist activity is heroic because it remains engaged and gives sysops a chance to decide not to practice troll-formative injustice. Maybe just one last chance!