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    Now this is an article that makes sense, even so much that I feel tempted to protect it and spread links all over the trolling infested areas around here. --Juxo 14:23, 1 Jul 2004 (EEST)

    Here is something on this from Overnet, which seems to be troll central:

    Why trolling is good


    Why trolling is good is because sysops are stupid. It is fun to anger and annoy sysops. By distracting them, you can make it safer for more important trolls. If you are always helping the most important of the trolls to make points (like giving them userids you have created and used innocently for a while) then they will remember and help you too.

    But unlike sysops it is up to you not the sysops who is most important! This is the big difference between trolls and sysops and why trolls are better.

    Trolling is good because sysops go too far: they block the IP of the best people on the site. They try to figure out "who is who" when it is impossible to find out. They lie about people they think are using the site. They even use names of people who have never used the site! Sysops are so stupid they would get anyone who trusted them in trouble.

    If you met a sysop in real life you would probably avoid them, they are the kind of people with no friends. They are wasting their life trying to find and stop trolls because they have no life at all. The trolls do them a favor by angering them so much that they go away. Sysops are just control freaks and trolls help them by making them see that life is not so easily controlled. Other people do not exist to do what they want, other people exist to do what those other people want.

    Any sysop who tries to say who you are or what reason you have to say something is a fair target. All over the world, there are real people being tortured and killed because of sysop type behavior. So if a few sysops get angry, or feel bad or sad, because of your trolling, it is a very small lesson for them. If they learn they will be better people as a result. If they do not learn they will probably go work for some of those companies that teach people how to do torture in prisons in the countries that are funded by the Pentagon. So in that case the best thing you could do is drive the sysop crazy so they never actually get that job!

    Trolling is good! When you find a bad sysop, make sure to troll them! Do not have mercy. Did they have mercy with all the others they called troll? With everyone they blocked IP? No. So have no mercy at all on any sysop.

    A troll is just an ordinary person who is not liked very much by a sysop. Trolling is good because that is just an ordinary person being themselves. And telling some stupid person in authority to go to hell, and then putting them there. All of us are trolls. When we tell cops and bosses to get lost we are trolling. Even voting is trolling. Why should we get a vote? Only because we fight for it. Only because other trolls fought for it before us. Help other trolls. If we do not then sysops will eventually block us all so only sysops can talk to each other. They will take over politics this way and we will be their slaves. So have no tolerance at all for sysop attacks.

    Fight the sysops! Be a troll! Trolling is good! Spread this around!!!!!!