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Someone has made a mistake: A w:jihad is a struggle to rid oneself of inner failures and denials, primarily. This is the Greater or Inner Jihad. Then there is also a Lesser or Outer Jihad which is to rid oneself of oppressors who specifically prevent you from living in your true self in accord with the laws of God and Nature. These concepts are named in w:Islam but they are part of all religions. For instance in w:Buddhism the inner Jihad is called the search for w:enlightenment, though there is no obvious equivalent to the outer jihad.

Admittedly a troll jihad is a Lesser Jihad. The Greater Jihad is to realize that one is a troll in the first place!

But please do not make hateful statements about jihad implying holy wars that are undertaken for bigoted reasons. They are by definition defensive and only conducted under very strict rules. One reason to prefer the term troll jihad to troll war is that there are much more rigorous rules for jihad, imposed by respect for the planet, for women and children, and for Allah, in w:Islam. Most people who study jihad for instance do not believe that it is conceivable that anyone engaged in jihad could use a nuclear weapon in one, though it has already happened on Earth that nuclear weapons were used in war.

So changing this name is really moving to a much more violent paradigm than the one proposed. Also real actual trolls call for troll jihad but a troll war seems to be something that just erupts when trolls can't agree on how best to resist sysop power structure.