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    Found objectionable by some as over-extending the definition of objectification:'

    For example mention of Jennifer Love Hewitt is probably an invocation of a sexual attraction or celebrity pattern, not likely much to do with the woman herself as a person.

    extreme examples[edit source]

    God's Eye View is an example of subject object issue that create or justify extreme unequal power relationships, those being, between priestly hierarchy and ordinary worshippers. These relationships are simply imposed by force on an unwilling object who is forced to submit to them, regardless of consequences. Some believe colonialism is also a product of exactly the same phenomena, and that technological escalation is closely related to these same issues.

    One could as a less extreme example include the definition of trolls into existence by a priestly hierarchy of sysops loyal to their GodKing.

    Others feel that if there is a priestly hierarchy somewhere imposing their god's eye view on others one can simply go somewhere else... This is often quite possible, but not when there is only one GFDL corpus access provider claiming the right to have link-backs only to its own version of articles, e.g. Wikimedia corruption, grossly inflating itself in the google count. In these circumstances one can't "leave" but actually has to "fight".

    elegato[edit source]

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