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I suggest we use this instead of moral purchasing. Since shopping is our main goal we should maybe default to shopper instead of consumer

It's not up to us what term is used for this in the real world. You'll find the term "moral purchasing" in many institutional buying criteria. It might be that the term "moral" is not very associated with individual buying criteria.
However, yes, shop local and shop responsibly are good redirects. We don't really want to imply that local is not moral is not responsible or anything.
The only issue with using one term less and another more is, if you want to move away from "moral purchasing" you must also move away from "moral purchasing power" and find another slogan that captures what's really going on. The problem with "responsible" is "responsible to who? to what?" Though people don't like being called immoral or amoral, do they like being called irresponsible? Think of it as a marketing problem.
I think a trade union would respond better to "moral purchasing power" as an idea, but obviously choosing long term sources of supply is about more than "shopping" (a process we normally associate with the individual).
Probably both terms have a purpose. We might use MPP to talk to institutions and some other slogan like "the choice to shop responsibly" for individuals?