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For the untrolled tale see Consumerium:Philosophy - which is gnawlij of a sort as the trolls have already gnawed on it a fair bit. The following is a response to any attempt to use philosophy against trolls:

Some people have tried to invent "the Consumerium school of pro-troll philosophy" out of plain old troll-friendly policy and New Troll point of view. This is silly. But to help those of you who just love big ideologies:

Trolls have instead provided a Simple Trollish guide to those of you trying to figure us out. However: It is probably wiser to just read styles of capital instead and think about the economics of trolling and not the damn philosophy of it, who cares about philosophers? It's economists who rule the world and do it badly. Just forget you ever heard of this philosophy idea. It's wrong.

I wonder why people - like the author above - so often feel T need 2 tell other people what's right or wrong. Or: what language 2 use or not 2 use. To say "just forget" means "let me think for U" and this is, quite simple, bad style and a bad idea. -- T2R


Certainly, foes of philosophy as usual have included many tyrants, but some GodKings have also embraced philosophy as a way to turn dissent and calls for serious change into meaningless talk. It is this that is wrong more than the philosophy itself.
There is no formal way 2 solve human problems. Such as: don't use this word. Don't use philosophy or negro. People will find other ways 2 express what they intend 2. Words are just symptoms. There is no way around the need 2 individually judge sentences and situations with respect 2 their meaning and their positive or negative effects. There is no formal way 2 replace individual judgements. --T2R
Some people do believe in moral cognition though.