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    I don't really like this title, but it's in the URI:

    If the word shows up in ANY URI, it must be defined here. Hopefully we can get rid of worthless words like "index.php?title=" and publish only standard wiki URIs soon. Hm?

    To me it seems like the URI is but I admit this is not the desired URI form. I have been attempting to get the mod_rewrite to work, but it is a very mystic, difficult for the newbie module and thus I have not been able to make the URI's more simple. This needs work and as you might have noticed I'm really not that technically inclined and mod_rewrite is a complicated module requiring deep understanding of regular expressions and stuff --Juxo 02:22, 22 Mar 2004 (EET)
    A VERY URGENT PROBLEM: and similar links don't work. These must be redirected immediately! There are hundreds of these links out there. ONCE YOU HAVE USED A URI YOU MUST ALWAYS SUPPORT IT FOREVER. This is the main reason for a standard wiki URI of course, and being very careful about words used.
    Seem to work for me using OS X 10.2 and Safari 1.0. The redirects are working ok for me. What is the error that you get when trying to access the above URI? --Juxo 00:39, 24 Mar 2004 (EET)
    It *was* getting "page not found", but seems to work now. Whew. Probably transitory and related to DNS.

    Also the people doing (in London) are muttering about Consumerium, you may want to get in touch with them too. They want to integrate all their stuff (public domain) into Consumerium and Recyclopedia. As you are the public face of Consumerium you might want to get them your presentation too!

    Trolls wonder why you would translate the Development Wiki into Finnish? The Main Page Consumer, yes, absolutely, the Main Page Researcher, and every concept that is not in Finnish Wikipedia, certainly. But surely the development process itself must take place primarily or only in English, since the programming languages, standards, and all technical debates are typically in that language? Also there's the question of standard wiki URI and whether "fi." or "/fi/" is better. If the latter, then, "/fi/wiki/" and "/en/wiki" are suggested.

    It makes more sense to trolls simply to update the English and Finnish Wikipedia and French (the other "international diplomatic language") to be at least as good as Consumerium or Recyclopedia on these topics in question.

    See Finnish Development Wiki for anwsers --Juxo 23:14, 22 Mar 2004 (EET)