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Yeay. Great initiative 142.177.X.X.... I'm doing some moving now so I don't have time to contribute but soonsoon. One important thing for the usability of the Cookbook for Consumerium is to establish a good enough template for recipies that people will follow the template. That makes it much easier to algorithmically distinguish cooking time and method, dietary and nutritional values etc.

Yes, there will be a need for special tags there too. For instance an ecoregion tag to indicate where something came from and whether it's native to there, and harvested sustainably.
We might, with control of another code base not tied to textbooks and encyclopedia and dictionary problems, prototype some of the features here. In other words, Consumerium turns itself into a sort of high tech cookbook, in order to have some influence/control over the way Wikipedia Cookbook evolves.

The Cookbook initiative seems to have gotten some air under it's wings. I'll consider replicating my User:Juxo/Foodhacks and User:Juxo/Kitchenblog entries there. It looks like we are going to have to just collaborate on building the Cookbook and then write some software to provide UI to it for Consumerium users