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We have people coming here looking basically for Main Page Researcher and real Consumerium:intermediate pages including a Consumerium:intermediate company page. Rather than delete valid research commentary, it's time to encourage these people not drive them off, and get them creating such pages.

Else this project never gets off the ground.


"A Consumerium intermediate page is a Research Wiki page of opinions, including everything researchers have compiled on a company, regulator, commodity, product, production method, extraction method, transport method, region, waste disposal method, channel."

The article contained information about a company. Information about company behaviour is required as part of research if Consumerium is to decide what the buying signal should be. How exactly do you propose to provide a good service if you stifle debate about company behaviour? What is the point of the Consumerium if it is not to promote ethical consumption? The article did not say that "Coca-Cola was evil"; it said that they had links with assassinations. This is a case in which moral purchasing power can help the oppressed workers in Coca-Cola factories.

Yes, clearly it is time for a proper Main Page Researcher with guidelines and a proper template for a Consumerium:intermediate company page. However such pages are not yet defined although there's talk about it at Consumerium:intermediate page. Also claims of links to assassinations should be clearly attributed with major news source references, or at least Recyclopedia, Disinfopedia or Wikipedia references which typically have that already.
I have added this page again, although I have to say, I'm a little distressed that one of the first things I see on Consumerium is a page on the Coca-Cola boycott by SINALTRAINAL deleted. Anyhow, I note that "eight union leaders at Coca-Cola plants in Colombia have been murdered since 1989, and hundreds of other Coke workers have been tortured, kidnapped and/or illegally detained." I do not attribute blame regarding this, I simply say that the Colombian food and drink workers union, SINALTRAINAL, is calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola.
I have a link to the boycott web site on the page. At the top of that page is a link that says "News". This links to stories in the media about this stuff. The New York Daily News, the Nation, El Diario, La Prensa, the New York Press, and so forth. There have also been statements by union locals, city council delegations and the like. Venceremos 12:16, 30 Mar 2004 (EEST)