Barcode scanner

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    A barcode scanner or barcode reader is the device that reads a barcode. This will usually be required to trigger the Consumerium buying signal at the retail shelf or checkout counter. Supporting it is the most basic of our hardware requirements and software requirements.

    Barcode scanner devices exist in many forms, some of which are quite cheap, and others of which are quite small and portable. They are easily battery operated. The smallest are infrared contact devices. Those used in checkout counters are high powered laser scanners, worn on the finger - the scanner ring that anyone can wear innocuously. This might provide an advantage in meeting certain performance requirements.

    See scan barcode for the only thing we need to do with these devices.

    The mobile device code to integrate these with another body-worn device, communications networks and the rest of the healthy buying infrastructure will typically have to run on Symbian or another mobile OS. DECT or possibly Python support for these devices is the most likely integration path - see software requirements.