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Basic article naming[edit | edit source]

basic article name structure is as follows:

/Company name/Brand name/Product name/


/Country name/

at any level short messages can be appended especially in

  • /Company name/feedback/message - these will be delivered to the company in question
  • /Company name/Product name/reviews/message - these will be shown to other consumers and wikifiers
  • /Company name/campaigns/message - these will be shown to other consumers and wikifiers
  • /Company name/Workplace Upgrade Request/message - these will be distributed to all parties

Only special namespace will be [[Consumerium:]] this accomondates for future adjustments

Language selection[edit | edit source]

Inserting a ISO two letter language code changes the language of all it's subarticles. This will make it simple to move languages to their own wiki when it's time.

example: Inserting a FI changes the language for subarticles to Finnish /Company name/FI/Brändin nimi/Tuotteen nimi/arvostelu/viesti

Extensions[edit | edit source]

Use of categories[edit | edit source]

Categories are used for tagging such as {{Transnational corporation}} or {{Local business}}

Use of redirects[edit | edit source]

all 8 and 13 digit number sequences redirect from EAN codes to product pages or company pages (requires detection of 100 vs. 10,000 product namespace)

Use of voting[edit | edit source]

No voting system for some time after a pilot is launched.

Later on voting by Indirect Votes and Direct Votes and various other methods of votee and vote counting