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Reviews can be written by anyone. A short message is preferred over bloated text corpuses

Reviews are intended for other consumers meanwhile feedback is intended for businesses and owners of businesses.

Reviews contain

  • stars of maximum ★★★★★ ( score )
  • text body
  • timedate
  • -- ~~~~ to contribute a review, ::~~~~ added to the bottom of the list lists that you do not wish to write a review on this subject yourself and you signing the review which counts as

If maker of a review wishes to remove the review s/he made s/he can do it and remove all seconding signatures as well and the seconding signatures go to class <no review text given> and the signees are informed 

Either [[Reviews:Business X]] or [[Business X/Reviews]] with highest s up top and the lowest ( 1 ) at the end of the article:

within reverse chronological order inside the ★★★★★, ★★★★, ★★★ ...