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When Consumerium itself finds any public statement about its mission or purpose, and records it, it is choosing to research itself. Such an effort must link to this page, Research:itself, so that the normal Research:policy can be made to apply.

Examples include:

  • all mentions of Consumerium in the press,
  • any effects it has had on decisions in organizations
  • any effects it has had on definitions, e.g. in Wikipedia or Amnesty International or other major groups
  • any other empirical neutral evidence

Consumerium must research itself so diligently that no one has a more true view of it. The sum of all such links defines our image in the world, as expressed via publications or rumours or quotes. Knowing this helps us corrects misimpressions - for the project to correctly publish:itself, and justify new directions for development to take to prevent abuses. Research into itself may also reveal new definitions for its mission that arise from external feedback: we are not the only experts on fair trade, political consumerism, and so on!

A project that reliably chooses to research itself via its own Research:policy, gains respect, for being as diligent about its own image as it is with any of the other organizations it monitors. It can be said to be autonomous and reflexive, and not to be under the control of any group or faction. Failing to apply the same standards to research about itself, as to research about any other company or organization, will weaken project credibility to the point where probably no one will care about it at all.