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Can we please focus on this constructive stuff for a change? Now that other trolls are keeping Wikimedia in line for their troll-formative injustice and others are even taking over political party wikis, it's entirely reasonable for us to move on and do this important work on the wikis. If we do it well enough, then, we will have both political and tactical support from others who are doing excellent work preparing Earth for the Troll Age.

Sorry. "The Information Age" went out a some time ago and now we are stuck in The Disinformation Age. People will blame the trolls for this world that they no longer recognize, some of them for the right reasons, most of them for the wrong reasons and/or because you are the obivious target to fan out the frustration and anguish.

Your overly strict ideas would help in Publish:policy. Why not work on that, and let the trolls deal with the totally troll-friendly Consumerium:policy as we have so far (which has yielded EXCELLENT results - just LOOK at all the work we have done! how much got done when we were gone?).

My conciousness is quite frozen and quite dry. I really cannot currently tackle any intellectual/creative challenges at this moment.

Then the trolls development policy and the sysops' publishing policy can negotiate a Research:policy.

Stop this stupid delete page nonsense and just put WARNINGs on things if you must, that's fine. This is Develop Wiki so all strange ideas must have their time.

Counter-productive bullshit deserves no time.