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Consumerium is a not-for-profit project, being designed under GFDL license, to develop free software and infrastructure for storage, transport and display of varying levels of product information to consumers at the point of purchase.

Consumerium is using Mediawiki for its R&D work very succesfully since March 10 2003.

The current design paradigm is aiming towards a highly wikified operational system to avoid technocrats from hi-jacking all the power and trying to ensure equal rights of expression.

Two distinct wikis have been proposed, though in practice there is likely to be a multitude of Wikis for Distributed Transparent Consumerium with minimal Consumerium Central Governance to corrupt and exhaust:

  1. Content Wiki for objective, NPOV information on products and many aspects of production.
  2. Opionion Wiki for expressing subjective views.

There is discussion between alternate wiki platforms though Mediawiki is the most likely candidate due to the following reasons:

  1. Mediawiki has proven to handle heavy load situations in Wikipedia
  2. The Mediawiki "social club" (developers and hang arounds) has been very friendly and helpful in fulfilling our platform needs for R&D purposes and hopefully this friendship will continue
  3. Smooth interaction between Wikipedia, Wiktionary, SourceWatch (formerly Disinfopedia), Wikibooks, Wikicompany, Wikitravel, CorpKnowPedia, Consumerium and other essential projects is very important.

Consumerium may contribute to a wikitext standard.

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See also w:en:consumerium for more