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Recipes for some tasty foods are scattered around in some articles.

Wikipedia and Cookbook approach is to group recipes by geographical and national origin, which is maybe not a good approach due to that usually fulfilling one's appetite starts with wanting a cerrtain kind of dish eg. Soup, Sandwich, Fish etc.

Collecting GFDL licensed recipes into Consumerium could be quite useful, since if we acquire a respectable quality and quantity it's good for advertisement since to comply with GFDL forkkers and borrowers are required to mention the source.

Keeping many recipes in one article instead of splitting might also make sense since it allows browsers to form an image of who's into what kind of tastes and food style (assuming that there is basically just one author per article).

Please use the pseudo-namespace Food: like Food:Potato, Food:Soups to keep this wiki functional for it's main purpose, which is R&D

This is also an exploration into what kinds of attributes should be recorded to each recipe when we get the other wikis running.

Here are some suggestions of things that might be of interest for choosing the correct recipe

  • Class: starter, main course, side dish, salad, soup, prepare-store-serve, freestyle defs,...
  • Preparation time
    • Active preparation time - The approximate time you have to be in the kitchen doing stuff
    • Passive preparation time - Soaking, Simmering by itself, Food:Marinating etc.
  • Clean up: How much will it take to clean up the mess you've made in the kitchen
  • Cost: Low, Medium, High, Ultra
  • Skill requirements
  • Hardware
  • Diets: diet / non-diet / diet-undetermined / diet-modifiable
  • Performance: freestyle explanations of how it performs as nutrition, yummyness, fun and appearance
  • Main season: This is an ecological and economical consideration. Sure you can get Strawberries in the middle of winter but does it make any sense is a curious question.