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Slowing down your food

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Slowing down your food is a blog-like feature of Consumerium to help you get more out of life. See User:Juxo/Kitchenblog for the inspiration - but anyone can add recipes here.


Many soups are better the second day than the first, especially chowders. Soups are also easy to make in large quantities and then heated up on-demand. Especially vegetable based soups stay good without refrigiration. Note that seafood based soups and sauces (prawns, clams, shellfish and such) are very subject to becoming tainted.

Here's a simple vegetarian black bean soup that's really easy to make:

  • a whole litre of black beans, soaked overnight
  • three large or five small onions, cut into wedges
  • Chinese oyster sauce (can be real-oyster sauce if you aren't a vegetarian)
  • two cloves garlic
  • canola oil

Fry the onions to transparency in canola oil and add the garlic. Quickly, add the oyster sauce and about four litres of water, and the beans. Stew for about a half hour. If you can, let it cool down and sit cold for a few hours before re-heating and serving with fresh french bread for dunking.