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Ownership lattice

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An ownership lattice is a map of who owns what or has what rights to do what, from the retail shelf space down to the extraction locations.

The Research Wiki would need to import this from another source like CorpKnowPedia, or another of the essential projects. It can't do this research itself, it's far too complex.

Do we need OwnML just to describe this correctly? Probably, yes, we do.

The information is invisible in the Publish Wiki and is not part of the Consumerium buying signal, but may be useful to make visible in the less time-critical Consumerium Service access. The Consumerium:Researcher will often use it as a guide to what or who to investigate next. Ideally there would always be a single worst case that could be used to focus research on:

Gus Kouwenhoven for example. If he owns it, you really must avoid it!