Neural marketing

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    Neural marketing is the use of w:MRI technology to determine whether a potential buyer's brain is being activated favourably by some advertising.

    Emotional reactions (pleasure, disgust, fear) are supposedly detected by this method of MRI display and make it clear to marketers which exact emotions are evoked by their images. Direct measurements of brand loyalty for instance might be achieved. Some MRI machines of course would be repurposed away from their current medical uses, but, advertisers might pay for new ones just to be able to sometimes used old ones for their research.

    Presumably, over time, reliance on such methods would lead to a point of view that totally pandered to pre-existing consumer prejudices and urges - we (especially trolls) can reasonably call this the neural point of view. It would obviously contrast with the New Troll point of view which relies on challenge of assumptions and also on scientific method.