Negotiated settlement between trolls and Wikimedia

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    A negotiated settlement between trolls and Wikimedia was suggested by seeming representatives of both on the alleged Wikimedia corruption page.

    Elements of such a settlement may include:

    - full documentation of all allegations made by each group of the other and the evidence for same - perhaps in TIPAESA form or something else rigorous to a common standard of evidence

    - agreement to restrain and refuse to republish or repeat libel, slander, or any "evidence" whatsoever not included in the above - see echo chamber and groupthink for the issues arising from failure to enforce these rules

    - removal of parties who habitually engage in this behaviour, e.g. Erik Moeller, Daniel Mayer from any position of responsiblity in Wikimedia, with public apologies for their behaviour.

    - apologies from parties who have sometimes engaged in unaccountable behaviours, e.g. outing, such as Jim Wales, and a commitment to follow some reasonable wiki governance protocol such as right to vanish to ensure a participant's name is not continually abused long after s/he has left the project, if s/he ever participated at all

    - agreement to follow a due process in future disputes among their factions, which would be expected to delegate responsible parties to reach a settlement - those not submitting to any faction being left on their own with no mutual defense

    - agreement to represent their interests or claims in some adversarial process not under the control of either party, under the supervision of some responsible independent board (say Creative Commons or Consumerium Governance Organization or any other group with knowledge of such issues and an interest in developing competence in same)

    - agreement to take claims with each other to arbitration under the same kind of supervision, rather than directly to legal authorities; public withdrawal of any such claims, civil or criminal, made in public or directly to authority

    Since the present situation in which libel and libel chill are daily engaged in, and many legitimate GFDL corpus contributions destroyed, is intolerable, ending Wikimedia would seem to be the only alternative course.

    Only a truly Lowest Troll could possibly supervise such a negotiation! It is a reasonable pilot for what we are considering doing in talk:pilot.