Magnificent trolling

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    "where there is trust, there is opportunity for magnificence" - anonymous

    So-called magnificent trolling is heroic trolling somehow achieved by very despised trolls who drive off even GodKings and discredit biased ontology and the most biased ontologists, which is later seen to be a Good Thing. It brings much honour on troll-friendlies who support it - see edits, votes and bets for a way to actually reward making troll-friendly offers that supports what is later deemed magnificent.

    The Wikipedia Red Faction seems to engage in heroic trolling and to recognize that there is some potential for magnificence in their activities to oppose and end Wikimedia corruption. That is, those who engage in resistance alongside the (self-proclaimed) Reds and seek wiki regime change seem to trust each other to a somewhat higher degree than those who go along with sysop vandalism.