Infrastructural capital

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    Infrastructural capital is the actual physical devices and facilities required to make the economy work: factories, roads, machines, computers, telephones, wires, signal towers, and all that. See w:infrastructural capital.

    An industrial ecology is the combination of integrated devices and facilities that makes an industry work. An urban ecology is the combination of natural capital and infrastructural capital that makes a city work as a human habitat. This also requires lots of social capital of course.

    The healthy signal infrastructure is itself an industrial ecology that would consist only of capital that did not take unethical measures to maintain or operate, that is, those whose comprehensive outcome was acceptable from a neutral point of view as moderated by social capital of the factions. This might mean for instance no tantallum being used, or it might mean finding sources of it that did not result in deforestation or ape extinction, or relying on recycled equipment to avoid motivating any new tantallum mining.

    In any case, the infrastructural capital of Consumerium and the healthy buying infrastructure it integrates is the physical junk that must work for the instructional capital (in Research Wiki, Signal Wiki) to be seen and trusted. For a list of the possible infrastructure involved see the present list of hardware requirements - some of which are over-stated.